Protein Intake Calculator

by Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D.,FASN and Brian Rosenthal
special thanks to William Mitch, M.D., FASN

Input weight pounds kilograms
Input 24 hour Urine Urea Nitrogen grams

The urea nitrogen appearance, U, equals the urine urea nitrogen + the non urea nitrogen (weight in kg X 0.031 g nitrogen/kg/day).

Calculated Protein Intake is urine nitrogen excreted in grams/day + (weight in kilograms X 0.031 g nitrogen/kg/day) multiplied by 6.25. A 70 kg person with a UUN of 5 grams would have an estimated protein intake of 44.8 grams. Feel free to add your own values.

Calculated Protein Inake is ??? grams.

Reference: About Proteins