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The Mission Statement

Make us all more aware of kidney disease

After nearly three decades of seeing patients with end stage renal disease, it is apparent that much of what we deal with can be delayed or prevented altogether. Several medical trials and innovations in the last several years have confirmed these observations, and form the basis of this website. A major element in preventing renal illness is simply early detection, and for this one needs education. As the Internet expands and becomes more and more a tool of everyday life, we will have the ability to access and distribute information like no other generation before us.

Our mission is to use this medium to make the public more aware of kidney disease in a sincere effort to prevent it when we can, and to help our colleagues achieve good outcomes in those who already have end stage renal disease. Our role is to provide as much information as possible to patients, professionals and the general public, with the hopes that this education will be a motivating factor in making the necessary changes to prevent or stall chronic kidney disease.


This website was founded and is maintained by Stephen Z. Fadem, MD, FACP, FASN. The site is intended as a public service (See mission statement). It is not linked to the manufacturing of any dialysis products, but its founder does participate in clinical research trials and is the medical director of several dialysis facilities. Dr. Fadem is an owner of Touchcalc, Inc which produces online, medical calculators.

Medical ads, when present will list only the company name, and not the product. All commercial resources that contribute content are encouraged to use only the generic name of their product.

Non medical ads and partnership (like amazon.com) may use product names, but all product advertising must be done in good taste.

Nephroquest provides content in the form of replies to patient questions. This site has no intention of selling or distributing the registration list of Nephroquest or the Guest Book. Questions are answered only by renal professionals. Unfortunately, due to time contstraints of professionals, it is not possible to answer questions as frequently as we would like. So, from your excellent questions we are compiling frequently asked questions, and developing a content-based database entitled links.nephron.com. Meanwhile, please use the NKF's KIDNEY DISEASE site sponsored by the National Kidney Foundations to submit questions that require individual answers.

The replies, when possible, are by a carefully screened panel of nephrologists and on occasion other highly qualified members of the renal community. Product endorsement is discouraged. Wherever possible, direct links to the National Library of Medicine medical literature database are incorporated and strongly encouraged. Also, when possible direct links will be made to the National Kidney Foundation's K/DOQI Guidelines.

Dr. Fadem is a member of cyberNephrology and the International Society of Nephrology Informatics Commission. He has been a speaker for Orthobiotech, Bone Care International, Biovail, Abbott, Pfizer and Amgen . He has been a Principal Investigator in clinical trials for Amgen, Abbott, Shires, ASH Medical, Advanced Magnetics, 3M, Genentect Bone Care, Baxter, Nabi and Ortho Biotech, Oxford Health and the Collaborative Study Group. He is medical director of The Houston Kidney Center Integrated Service Network, Chief Medical Director of five DaVita dialysis facilities, the past medical director of DaVitaCare in Houston and is the CEO of Kidney Associates, PLLC. He is Vice President of AAKP - The American Association of Kidney Patients and serves on their medical advisory board and their board of directors.

This website intends to abide and support ethical standards created to improve the quality of web-based health education.

Any questions or concerns about the content of this website, its links, its sponsorship should be brought to the immediate attention of the webmaster.

Privacy: This site has been designed so that you never have to reveal your identity to use its resources. In registering with various services, such as Nephroquest, which is a public forum, we urge you that these resources are not intended to be confidential, and that we urge you to use discretion when supplying sensitive or confidential information about your health.

The information about users of this site through our Guest Book is intended solely for the use of The Nephron Information Center in an desire to tailor its efforts to be in line with public demand. This information is not intended to be sold nor distributed to any third party. Using your name is strictly optional and not really necessary to enjoy the site.

Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D., FACP, FASN

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