Background Information

Since Medicare ESRD coverage began in 1973, the total number of Medicare-approved renal providers has more than quadrupled -- from 606 in 1973 to 2,863 in December, 1995. The increase in the number of dialysis facilities is primarily due to the increase in the number of freestanding facilities (i.e. facilities not affiliated with hospitals). In 1973 there were only 68 freestanding facilities, which represented approximately 11% of the total number of Medicare-approved dialysis facilities in operation at that time. By the end of 1995, there were 2,000 free-standing dialysis facilities, representing 69.9% of the total. By January, 1999 there were 3,626 dialysis facilities listed in the The End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Renal Provider File, the majority of which are now freestanding.

In 1996, United States Renal Data System reported there were 283,932 pateients treated for ESRD and 73,091 new patients. In 1996 there were 12,238 renal transplants performed, 3,091 from living related donors, the rest from cadaveric donors. The ESRD Renal Provider File of 1999 reveals 241 transplant centers in the USA.

In 1999 there were 89,252 new dialysis patients. and 344,094 total patients. There were 4,140 facilities. The number of dialysis patients is tracked closely by CMS as part of the USRDS. To find out the number of patients on dialysis for please go to the reference section of their website.

This listing uses the data from the ESRD Renal Provider File compiled and distributed by CMS . This web page was designed to help patients and facility staff find potential dialysis services for patients who are traveling or relocating. It allows the user to search a selection from the CMS database to find dialysis facilities in the city of their destination. A mapping function and driving instructions are linked to each facility. The Advanced section is helpful for researchers and students, and was updated every six months. It was designed with the cooperation of The Forum of ESRD Networks. The database also gives facilities a chance to report errors directly to CMS data specialists through The Nephron Information Center.

In developing and maintaining this service, the Nephron Information Center wishes to thank those members of CMS who have worked very hard to create organize and correct the Standard Information Management System and the Networks for updating. In weeks to come the database will be upated monthly. We will update our error reporting system so that you will be able to report any errors that you find.


Please forward any comments to Stephen Z. Fadem, MD FACP, Nephron Information Center

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